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Sweet Potato Chews 5 oz

Sweet Potato Chews 5 oz

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Homemade sweet potato chews 

Over 1 lb of fresh sweet potato is used to make 5 oz

of sweet potato chews. 

  • Made with 100% natural, USA-grown, dried sweet potatoes as the only ingredient for optimum flavor and chewing action.
  • Loaded with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so they’re great as an anytime treat or snack.
  • 100% vegetarian, grain-free and highly digestible so they’re great for pups with sensitive stomachs.
  • Provides the rugged texture dogs love to chew on, and plenty of dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion.
  • Made in the USA with USA sourced sweet potatoes, and zero grains, fillers, wheat, preservatives or artificial ingredients; comes in a resealable pack to keep them fresh.

These chews are normally kept in stock, but please keep in mind that these chews are made in small batches and processing time may be slightly increased if they are out of stock. We work as hard as we can to push orders out quickly! 

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