Welcome to The Classy Canine

  • Heather

    Heather is from Houston, TX but currently resides in Wasilla, AK. She has experience training dogs professionally since 2010 and opened her facility in 2021. Heather strives to stay up to date on modern training methods and is always continuing her education in the field. Training dogs has been a lifelong passion for Heather as she grew up handling Papillons and Am Staffs. In 2014, Heather was invited to apprentice with a working dog handler and that's when she fell in love with working with high drive dogs. You might see her personal dogs - Snafu, Lilly, and Estrella in classes. Heather especially enjoys working with private lesson clients and their dogs to tackle problem behaviors.

  • Morgan

    Morgan's passion for training was evident before she realized it herself. Through an apprenticeship with Heather, Morgan learned how to apply her knowledge and passion into a career. Morgan is coincidentally also from Houston, TX. You might see Morgan's personal dog, Opal, in classes. Morgan and Opal are on a journey in which Opal is recovering from reactivity with other dogs and cars. Morgan has been an awesome addition to The Classy Canine Team. She is always bubbly in classes and excels at making her classes fun for both the dog and handler.

  • Balanced Training

    We use marker training to communicate effectively with the dog. Firm, fair boundaries teach your the rules to life and freedom is earned by following these rules. Tools used may include different types of motivators, prong collars, static correction collars, slip leads, and more.

  • Treats & Chews

    Our natural limited and single ingredient treats and chews never contain artificial ingredients. You can reward your dog knowing we care about what they eat as much as you do.

  • Enrichment

    Improve and enhance your dog's mental state and quality of life by using a range of activities geared towards challenging and exercising their brain.