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Muzzle Conditioning Workshop

Muzzle Conditioning Workshop

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Every dog can benefit from being comfortable wearing a muzzle. You never know when your dog may need one - a dog’s demeanor can change when he is sick or injured, or otherwise stressed. Your vet or groomer may need to muzzle your dog to perform services, and muzzle conditioning can help all parties feel more comfortable.

This workshop focuses on making muzzle training fun and how to desensitize your dog to the muzzle. We will also help you learn how to work the muzzle into your dog’s lifestyle as just another thing that happens.

If you do not have a muzzle you can borrow one of ours. We can measure your dog for a muzzle and order a custom fit.

You will receive a welcome text with information regarding your lesson(s) within 24 hours of purchase. All dogs must be current on DAPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines. Dogs must be at least 10 weeks old to attend this workshop. 

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