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Leerburg Polymer Coated Wire Basket Muzzle

Leerburg Polymer Coated Wire Basket Muzzle

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We recommend a complimentary fitting appointment - offered in person or by FaceTime/Zoom so that your dog’s muzzle will be a perfect fit. You will be contacted after purchase to set up a fitting appointment. 

  • Polymer-Coated Wire
  • Genuine Leather Strap
  • Nose Padding
  • Bite Proof - Polymer Coated Wire
  • Excellent Air Flow

Unlike chrome muzzles, our polymer-coated muzzles do not rust. Muzzles are an excellent choice for vet visits, conditioning training a dog to wear a muzzle or walking your reactive dog. They are also used for reactive dogs during grooming or nail cutting. We recommend muzzles for aggressive dogs.

Muzzles also stop dogs from eating rocks or garbage or licking wounds. The polymer-coated metal allows the dog to pant, drink or easily take food treats through the front or sides. 

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