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goDog Silent Squeaker Ball - 2 Pack

goDog Silent Squeaker Ball - 2 Pack

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goDog Silent Squeak Ball Dog Toys are great for tossing, fetching, and chewing with pliable yet durable TPR. With a fun angled design that allows these balls to bounce in an unpredictable and erratic pattern that delights and excites pups. Featuring a patented ultrasonic squeaker that only dogs can hear!

The puncture-proof squeaker is tuned to a frequency out of a human's hearing range but is still high-pitched squeaky fun for your dog. Dogs can joyfully squeak without irritating their pet parent. goDog Silent Squeak toys are perfect for working from home, watching TV, traveling, and nighttime play. goDog's patented ultrasonic squeaker makes playtime anytime! 

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