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  • Board and Train

    The trainer will work 1:1 with your dog which saves you time and work and gets results even faster. Our immersive programs include everything you need to gain peace of mind and and a reliable dog. Whether you live a busy lifestyle and want us to do the heavy lifting or prefer us to raise your puppy, we have a board & train package that meets your needs.

  • Day Training

    The day train program is a great way to allow your dog to socialize and ensure they maintain their skills after completing a training program. Dogs in this program are expected to utilize their home, leash, threshold, and meal manners while under our care. They will get exposure to new people, places, objects, and other dogs. Social dogs may get supervised and structured play time. We will work on training for all aspects of life - from obedience, to grooming and handling.

  • Behavior Modification

    This program is for dogs that display aggressive, reactive, or fearful behaviors, or are over excited under normal circumstances. If your dog barks or lunges at people and dogs, resource guards, is extremely nervous, or territorial this program is for you. We will help you understand how your dog is feeling so that you can advocate for them and help them overcome their personal challenges. We welcome uncontrollable dogs so that we can help them become their best selves.